What to do in Marbella

What to do in Marbella


Well, we have great news! A new hot spot arrived to town. Dreamy picnics on the beach or in the mountains of Marbella. 

A unique experience, that you will never forget. We make your picnic dream come true. We set pop-up picnics at one of our beautiful locations. We can even come to your house. The most intimate, dreamy and fun way of celebrating life, birthdays or just being with your loved ones. 

We offer different types of food platters. You can pick breakfast, tapas or sweet. All fresh used ingredients to make your experience even greater. You can also book extra’s to spice up your picnic. Think of a polaroid camera to remember the memories you’ve made, or a bottle of champagne to celebrate, balloons, dog picnic & more. 

Together with my partner we thought, we need to come up with a fun way of celebrating life outside!
And there it was, luxury picnics in paradise!

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